Die Trying

by The Obsessives

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recorded, mixed, and mastered by us in Jackson's basement between July and September of 2013


released May 2, 2013


all rights reserved



The Obsessives Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

email us if u wanna chat theobsessivesmusic@gmail.com

if you wanna help us make more art: www.patreon.com/theobsessives


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Track Name: The Prologue
I'm fading fast and hard
and it makes me angry how quick you recovered.
i thought this would hit you like a bullet through your heart,
but the impact was more like a hug from your mother.
i know your life is hard but quite frankly I don't care at all.

I'm on a steady decline.
You all know you've all followed along through the lines in my songs
about girls who i thought broke my heart,
turns out i really couldn't tell my whining from art.
So disregard anything mean I said, and anything mean
if i say it again, I am just not that smart.

Maybe you were right
and my feelings just don't matter,
I should grow up try to be a man while the reality
around me shatters.
Right now its hitting me like a baseball hit by your home run hitting batter,
this doesn't matter.
Track Name: Toxic Friend
Every morning I wake up grinning,
ready to take on the day.
Every night I feel like writing
a slow song about the pain.

Baptize me with a right hook,
you know I deserve it.
I fell down and I gave up,
emotions are just basic.

When you said you're always lonely,
I held your hand to be nice.
I thought of you as my one and only
but I never crossed your mind.
Now it's clear that you don't like me
but I won't be sad all the time.
The more I think the more I realize it's good
you're out of my life.

I'm glad I'm not with you
you ripped me stitch by stitch.
Track Name: See Straight
Sneakin' into my house at night.
You never made me feel alright.
We're not boys but we're not men.
I still wanna feel like a kid again.

Its coursing through my veins
'til I can't see straight.

Is this what you're used to?
I'll spit out lies right back at you.
Twist my words 'til I can't see straight
You wish that you could make me hate.

Its coursing through my veins
til I cant see straight.

And i think i caught your eye
god knows youve caught mine
for the first time in my life
I want to survive
you were my day you were my night
but now I wanna be alone
i guess that fight or flight is right
and out of your sight i have flown.

Its coursing through my veins
til I cant see straight.
Its coursin through my veins
til i cant see straaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaight!!
dunnnnn dundun.

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